/News: Apex Legends to receive its own sports league

News: Apex Legends to receive its own sports league

Apex Legends is going to get its own esports league, featuring local and online events, called the Apex Legends Global Series.

Developer Respawn is planning 12 live events for the league’s first year, with over $3 million prize money available to winners.

Registration for the Apex Legends Global Series will open in January, 2020, and is only available to PC players.

The first tournament will be held online on January 25, and it will be available to players in 60 countries across the world. There are four majors taking place, currently scheduled for March 13-16, for which players will need to win Global Series Points.

The Global Series Points system rewards placement and team kills, and teams—comprised of three-player squads—will need a certain number of these points to compete in the majors.

For more information on the Apex Legends Global Series, check out the official site.

source: https://www.videogamer.com/news/apex-legends-to-receive-its-own-sports-league